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All Guilds Meeting - November 2014

Portrait de Doobes

It's Saturday, it's the first of November, so of course, the All Guilds Meeting was ready to go!  A few developments today, including the official introduction of a new Guild!  You can read more with the raw and cleansed chatlogs, as well as the summary below!

The Open Cave

Mystler and Filtik were first up for TOC.  Later this month, on Saturday, November 22nd, they will host the Third TOC Wall Tournament on the MOUL shard.  Those interested in participating can register here.  Everyone will meet in the Contest Hood at 12:30 KI time the day of the tournament, with the event starting at around 13:00 KI time.

If you haven't experienced the wall yet, you can use any Gahreesen in TOC to try it (as long as you bring a friend to set up the other side).  Rules for the game are still being decided, so be sure to keep an eye on the aforementioned Wall Tournament thread!

Cavern Tours

Larry LeDeay was next to update everyone about the Cavern Tours hosted by Zeke365. There are now two sets of tours each week: the main tour, which is Tuesdays at 22:00 KI time, and a more European-time-friendly tour on Saturdays at 09:00 KI time (considered the best time so people could visit their Doctor laugh).  Anyone interested in attending should meet in Ae'gura at the top of the Great Stairs about a half-hour before the tour.


Myster came back up to mention some of the current work being done in open source URU, the biggest development being the implementation of WebM to replace the now-unusable-due-to-rights-issues Bink.  So expect the intro movies to return sometime soon, amongst other fixes the programmers have been doing.  Stay tuned for more developments!

Lord Chaos' Up on the Roof Party

Doobes stepped in to mention that Lord Chaos is planning an Up on the Roof party for later this month.  The details are still forthcoming, but you can follow developments on this MOUL thread.

Info Tours

Doobes then spoke about a new project from the GoMe's Cavern Criers, conceived by Nev'yn.  Each month, there will be an orientation for new players to the cavern.  The details are still being worked out, so keep checking back for more information!

The Guild of Ants

And last, but certainly not least, was the new Guild of Ants that has taken shape over the last month...all due to a typo at last month's AGM!  The Guild has already been busy planning an event (or several), choosing a leader (a queen, if you will), and getting more people involved and signed up. 

If you'd like to join their Guild, membership is open to anyone.  It is recommended to make an avatar with the word "ant" somewhere in it to continue the theme, but it's not required.  Their hood is public and there are usually at least one or two Ants spending time in the city. 

We'll have more on the Guild as time goes on.




After a bit of a blip in CAVCON reporting, the meter finished out at 2.4 for September, with October's sitting at 2.6 as of the 28th.  Keep sending those donations in when you can!

Until December!

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